Hire a personal chef & private chef in Prospect, Goshen, Shepherdsville, St. Matthews, Middletown, Anchorage, Jeffersontown, Springhurst, LaGrange, Elizabethtown – Louisville and Kentucky.


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I am a 15 year veteran of the Restaurant Industry working at every level of the business from Casual Bakeries and Cafe's to James Beard award winning Fine Dining Restaurants. I can create a custom menu for you and your family to exactly meet your needs and keep you coming back for more.

My food is flavorful, creative and delicious! And my mission is to give you the freedom of time to get you Back to the Table over a home cooked meal with the ones you love.

No time to cook? No time to shop? Eating out too much?

  • Are you spending too much time eating on the run or from a cardboard box in front of the television or computer screen?
  • Do you find yourself allocating hard earned money on meals that are not contributing to vital family time together?
  • Would you like to control the amount of sodium, refined sugars, fats, and preservatives in your food?

My services offer solutions to all of that and more!

If you are living in Prospect, Goshen, Shepherdsville, St. Matthews, Middletown, Anchorage, Jefferson town, Springhurst, La Grange, Elizabeth town and around the Louisville and Kentucky and trying to find the expert and experienced personal chef service, feel free to contact me now, because I concentrate on your taste & dietary plan.

I also offer quality delicious meals for private events at affordable prices.

Find out what people are saying...

"As a trained chef with over a decade of experience, Kelly is passionate about food. That passion translates into scintillating dishes that make the mouth water and send the senses into ecstasy. Her strength as a chef lies in her ability to tailor her cuisine to each person she cooks for - whether it's a four course fine dining affair or a simple, comforting home cooked meal with the family, Chef Kelly Lehman delivers food that feeds the soul."

Sean Huck

"Kelly's food ranges from global sophistication to classic comfort food. I've never seen her cook the same thing twice. Her flavor profiles are exciting and spot on. She elevates common dishes to new levels, yet always maintains a core of familiarity so as be appealing to all palates. She's as good a teacher as she is a chef - and one can't help but pick up a few tips when watching her cook. Focused flavors with passionate execution."

Brian Abascal

Chef Kelly's Video

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